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We're going out of our way to make Paradise Lofts a unique experience. Most dating and visual novel games consist of grinding for stats and fetch quests. Not to mention, abrupt endings with "wrong" choices. We intend to build something that feels more organic, with multiple ways to solve puzzles, a sliding scale of trust with NPCs, and a host of other goodies. Most of the player's "stats" are hidden and building them up may not always be obvious. It is important to follow dialogue and manipulate the outcome as you see fit. Be sure to read on more details below. Of course, as we develop the game, we may change things up if needed. Your support and input will certainly influence how this game evolves.


Two separate bars that accrue points as you play through the story. There is no way to avoid earning these points, but you also can't grind the same action to accrue them (like helping an old lady cross the street might get you an angel point, but only once). Reaching certain milestones with Angel and Demon points may open new dialogue and scenes with NPCs. This will come more into play in future releases.

A sliding scale of trust that can affect how far one goes in a relationship. Some information may not be divulged without a high enough trust score.

These are unusual oddball talents and items earned during gameplay, like "one-legged snow skiing" or "rope untying". They might add additional dialogues, sex scenes, and/or creative ways to solve puzzles (rather than simply taking the regular path).

Some characters may have special traits, characteristics, or opinions that add an additional and unique dynamic to relationships with the player. Tripping these modifiers can open new content.

Clues discovered will automatically be added to the journal, assigned to the appropriate suspect. Some clues are good; some aren't. You figure it out! At the end of the game, you may review all the clues you have gathered, before making a final accusation.

What if you guess wrong? No worries, the world doesn't end. We intend to have several outcomes for this game, possibly even allowing the player to avoid naming anyone as the criminal! But there will be one MAJOR REWARD for those who score "perfect" in solving the crime.